Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Yoshida's

Milo and Yuri stayed at the Yoshida's for a week,
while Silas had to go back and forth
between San Francisco and Sunnyvale due to his work.
What we mainly did was...
just hanging out, talking a lot (I mean it), and eating well.
It sounds so simple, but that was exactly what we wanted to do
with our friends who we can not see very often.

One day, Milo drank pretty well
took a bath by himself ;-)
and slept pretty well...
So, we had a "Takoyaki Party"!
What is "Takoyaki"?
Octopus Balls!!!
In order to make them be in good shape,
we needed to be concentrated...
and moved our hands constantly.
No way!
It's all worth it to eat those yum yum Takoyaki.
Then, we also enjoyed homemade creme brulee...
They were to die for!

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