Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Busenitz's

On the day we went to Bolinas, we we stayed at the Busenitz's house in SF.

Good morning, Sepp & Milo!
Rune told us that the yellow dress enabled him to run faster.
Sepp liked to play with Milo
He really did.
really did :-)
Their house was super fun for both little boys and big boys.
For the big boys, there was a basement wood working space, a garden shed etc
(no pics - Silas was so jealous),
and for the little boys (and big boys), there was this "roof net" to hang out on.
So, Milo tried it.
He was very careful about it.
But again, our time there flew by, and we had to say bye bye...
Thank you for letting us stay and we will see you soon.

Bye Rune
Bye Sepp
We left their house and hung out with Yasubi & John,
then we headed to Sunnyvale...

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