Thursday, October 27, 2011

Redwood National Forest

We kept driving north and headed back to Oregon.
Milo helped driving as well.
Of course, we got a break (and fished) at the river.
Of Course, Milo tried to taste the rocks and leaves.
Then, as the final destination of this trip,
we went to Redwood National Forest and took a short hike.
Look at this...
Even bigger!!
This place was magical.
As Milo's parent, Silas and Yuri want Milo to be a person like redwood trees;
strong, straight, and magnanimous...

This had been their wish even since the time Milo was still in his mama's belly.
Therefore, it was something for them all to be there together.
Thank you Redwood...

Ok, it's time to go home...

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