Thursday, October 27, 2011

The rest of the Bay Area

On the final day in SF, Silas and Yuri took a date
(with Milo)
and had this S'mores Sundae:

it was pretty intense!
Milo liked his giraffe toy too much to care about the sweets...
Once we got a sugar high, we left SF
(why is it so foggy!? - hehe)
to get to Santa Rosa.
We stayed at Josh's house and hung out with him and Mariella.
On the next day, we drove to here...
our old house!!!!
After spying our old neighborhood, we stopped by Marmot, Yuri's old work.
Then we went to visit the Gabberman's house/farm in Sebastopol
We had not seen Brian's house in a few years and he has done a lot of work.
He gave us a cutting of this tree collard to bring home for our garden.
He had lots of chickens a few ducks and 2 turkeys
(the turkeys will be around only another month)
Bird (dog) is all grown up and has a similar hairdo as Milo
Thanks for showing us your farm and it was great visiting with you and your family!

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