Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Trip

We have had a crazy busy having lots of fun for the last 4 weeks
(and then got sick for the last 4 days...).
We were not able to update our blog until now,
and we will post the belated updates little by little.

So... stay with us!

4 weeks ago, we decided to visit our friends in the bay area
as a birthday trip for both Silas and Yuri.
Then we wanted to go camping as well,
and Silas had to go work in SF... Blah blah blah...

Anyway, we left PDX on Sep 28 for 3 days camping/fishing first!

1st night, we drove as far as we could go and camped close to Happy Camp, CA.
Milo seemed to be so hyped!
Next day, Milo helped packing stuff.
Of course, he was in the plastic bin...
but he did not stay and chill in it at all....
We have to find something new for him now.
We met Mr. Big Foot.
This was "Big Foot" size.
This smile was "Big Foot" size too!
After more driving, and Milo cruised around in the car
and more...
We got the second campsite.
Pigeon Point Campground:
right next to this beautiful creek.
Did Milo enjoy there!?
Milo was watching Papa san
if Papa san was working
Mama was watching Milo watching Papa san...
Oh a happy family:-)
After we left the campsite, we stopped by some river accesses
and fished
and skated (with a fishing pole.)
We got blessed with California sunshine.
Then, we got back on the road...

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